kids' art club

Kids’ Art Club uses an informal and fun approach to teach pre-school children the Czech language through art, music and other creative activities, helping to familiarise them with Czech environment and culture. The classes employ “total immersion” methods, where the child is taught in an exclusively Czech environment where he/she can come to understand the language faster and adopt it in the most natural way.
In Kids’ Art Club, children explore art techniques through interesting topics, sing Czech songs, learn basic music and dancing, and develop their language along the way. Emphasis is put on integrating Czech cultural references such as poems, rhymes and well-known games. From time to time we put on a play for families and friends where we show what we have learned, using pantomime, shadow theatre, music…
Who is it for?
Kids’ Art Club is for pre-school Czech/English bilingual children from 2 to 5 years of age. It takes place on Saturday mornings, with the school dates following the British school terms.
Our aim
We aim to encourage the children to express themselves and build up their cultural linguistic knowledge through songs, rhymes, games and creative activities, in order to provide valuable groundwork for the Czech School.

Pictures from children
2012 [PDF] and 2013/14 [PDF]
The Kids Art Club offers two sessions on Saturdays
Group A (children aged 2 - 3.5 years) taking place from 10.30 am - 11.30 am
Group B (children aged 3.5 - 5 years) taking place from 12 noon -  2 pm
St Mary Magdalene Academy, Liverpool Road, London N7 8PG 

See photos in our Archive 2014 >>
TERM DATES 2016/17:

1. half-term    10.09. -  15.10. 
2. half-term    05.11. -  17.12.
3. half-term    07.01. -  11.02. 
4. half-term    25.02. - 01.04.
5. half-term    22.04. -  20.05.
6. half-term    10.06. -  15.07.

Veronika Prokopová a Aneta Linc-Kelsall
Teaching Assistant: Petra Přibylová
Volunteers: Jana Hasegawa, Andrea Seidlerová