year 2016

A NIGHT WITH H. C. ANDERSEN [15 April 2016]
This year’s Night with Andersen took place on Friday, 15 April, in St Mary Magdalene Church. The whole evening was inspired by My Name is Karamel, a book written by Michaela Sanytrová, a Czech School without Borders’ teacher. Along with Karamel, the children visited a number of famous places across London where they met various fairytale characters. In addition, they had a chance to try loads of fun activities.
On Platform 9 ¾ at King‘s Cross, Harry Potter was looking for young talents to join his Quidditch team. Willy Wonka took the children to the mysterious Battersea Power Station where they were supposed to draw the missing plans of the factory. Mary Poppins took the children to the very top of St Paul’s Cathedral where they discovered how diffucult it may be to wear a hat. On Trafalgar Square, the children met Alsan the lion who brough them to Narnia where the children turned into lions for a little while. The Queen of Hearts prepared several difficult tasks for the children at Queen’s Park.
The end of the evening was dedicated to Karamel himself. He got lost in London and it was the children’s task to find him. When he was found, it was time to go to bed.
In the morning there was a number of games, one chapter of the book was read and there was also a programme called Questions and Answers where the children found out some interesting facts about Hans Christian Andersen.
We would like to thank all the children for participation and we cannot wait to next year’s Night with Andersen.




During this school year, we’ve launched individual lessons for children who do not attend the Czech school or who would like extra one-to-one tutoring in Czech. The teachers from Czech school teach children either in their homes or via Skype. These one-to-one lessons allow the teacher to focus specifically on the child’s needs and adapt the lessons to their abilities.



In October, we visited the British Museum and a nearby park with our children who underwent an exhausting astronautic training there. There were a lot of art activities and games prepared for the children. At the end of the event, there was a small ceremony in which awards and diplomas were given to our brand new astronauts!





At the beginning of December, we organized our traditional St Nicholas party. The afternoon was full of Christmas-related activities. Our children performed the nativity play and enjoyed a variety of art activities. At the end, St Nicholas himself made an appearance accompanied by angels and the most mischievous of devils!



Teachers: Kateřina Filipová, Lucie Wenigerová, Soňa Šebestová, Jiří Mánek, Věra Šimková a Hana Kubová
On the last Wednesday before Christmas, we organized a Christmas party in Harpenden. The children decorated their own Christmas trees with candy canes, created Christmas cards and various Christmas decorations. Together they created one big Christmas tree with their own handprints. At the end, we sang carols accompanied on the guitar, piano and saxophone and the children got their Christmas presents.