YEAR 2017


The International Mother Tongue Day is celebrated on the 21st February. The Czech School took part in its celebrations in the Islington Assembly Hall. Our Head Lucie Wenigerova talked about our new interactive textbook Czech Without Borders and the Mayor of Islington, Kat Fletcher, awarded six of our students for their excellent work and achievements in the Czech language. These students were Aneta Rubešová (Year 2), Laureta Krasniqi (Year 3), Miriam Louisa Hozee (Year 4), Veronica Kolarova (Year 5), Tyna Polenská (Year 6) and Juliette Keates (Year 8). Congratulations – we’re proud of you!



Teachers: Kateřina Filipová, Lucie Wenigerová, Soňa Šebestová, Karla Novobilská a Zuzana Brůžová
In March, we held a Spring party in Harpenden. On this occasion, the children decorated their own Easter eggs, created Easter cards and paper animal shapes and there was one big collaborative art project which everyone took part in. There were also many outdoor activities, games, and competitions. At the end of the party, we had a small spring concert in which the children played various instruments while the adults were singing.



This year’s Night with Andersen took place from Friday, March 31 to Saturday, April 1 at St Mary Magdalene Church. The title of the book chosen for the event was “Muřinoch a Krchomilka” by the Czech writer Milan Valenta. Throughout the evening there were several readings of the book which were accompanied by a shadow theatre play. During the breaks between the readings, the children enjoyed art activities. They created their own masks, bookmarks, and even their own soft toys. We also held a masquerade ball during which the children played many games, such as the musical chairs or the limbo. At the very end of the evening, everybody’s courage was tested during a short walk in the dark. Then, all that was left to do was to unpack the sleeping bag and go to sleep. The following morning there was a big breakfast waiting for the children, so they could get enough energy for their Saturday classes!



On Thursday, June 1st we once again organised a trip to the British Museum for our children. The whole adventure began in front of the museum, where the children met a curious looking animal that was resembling a blue sea horse. It didn’t have any name so the children named him Mořík. Together they played some games but after a while, Mořík decided to run away. Fortunately, the children were able to track him down because he left some cues for them. While the children were looking for Mořík, they visited many parks near the British Museum and enjoyed various interesting activities and games. Luckily, in the end, the children found Mořík back in the British Museum, where they spend some more time together before their parents picked them up. It was a very pleasant day!



On May 6th, we were very pleased to welcome Dr Froso Argyri from UCL Bilingo in the Czech Centre, where she delivered her talk on bilingualism for our teachers. Froso gave us an overview of what it means to be bilingual or multilingual, explained to us the stages of acquiring a second language and how children juggle two or more languages. It was a highly informative workshop, delivered in a very professional manner. Froso replied to loads of our curious and specific questions in a very friendly and approachable manner. We were also very glad that we could organise a workshop for the parents of our students because as Froso emphasized many times, the parents’ input is a very important factor for bilingual children.


Our school has been invited to cooperate on project The Bouda Gallery by our partner the Czech Centre London -
This is a very promising venture which has been supported by the Czech Embassy and will be financed mainly by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Our common goal is to create a space where the Czech Center will be able to hold its pop-up galleries and thus open the door for Czech artists, and where the Czech School will be organising its holiday workshops. Importantly, Bouda will also become our base where we will create a living space for the Czech and British community.